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A fast way to get your miners back online
Perfect for when you need to quickly inspect a large amount of machines to separate the working and non-working hashboards, control boards, and power supplies. We will remove the items that need repair and consolidate the working items into fully working miners that are ready to go back on the rack. If you have a lot of ASICs with less than 3 working hashboards and want to minimize your downtime for repairs then this service is for you.

Immersion Preparation

Ultrasonic cleaning, drying, and custom firmware
We can prepare your miners for immersion with our ultrasonic cleaning process to safely remove dust, dirt, flux, and other contaminants. The service includes a cleaning agent and solvent specifically designed to clean electronics. We will remove miner fans and PSU fans and return them or help you resell them. Fan spoofers can be installed if required. Additionally, we can install your preferred custom firmware or offer you a discounted dev fee on our own version of Vnish firmware.

Spare Parts Procurement (MRO)

MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating supply) spare parts shouldn't be an afterthought
Turn your MRO parts into an opportunity for continuous improvement. In scenarios where part repair is not possible or not feasible, MRO spare parts on hand — where they need to be, when they are expected to be there — play a critical role in maximizing uptime and increasing overall operational efficiency. Our data-driven approach to procuring the right amount of spare parts will ensure you maximize uptime with less money tied up in spare parts inventory.

Repairable Parts Management (RPM)

RPM parts repair management goes beyond simply replacing a broken part
Whether it be from faulty design or normal wear and tear, parts eventually fail. Being prepared and having a plan in place to remedy the issue is important to minimize downtime. Having a strong repairable parts management program is essential to mining efficiency, extending the longevity of your assets and increasing the profitability of your equipment. From root cause analysis of failed parts to part rebuilds, emergency repairs, intensive warranty tracking and more, ACS’ Repairable Parts Management (RPM) delivers strategic on-site ownership — proactively eliminating waste, reducing costs, improving component reliability and optimizing your manufacturing performance.


Propreitary diagnostic tools built by our in-house engineering team
Our team has a deep understanding of electrical engineering and circuit board design which has allowed us to develop our own tools for diagnosing even intermittent failures. Downtime from repeated failures is a symptom of misdiagnosis that happens when repair centers are looking for the easy fixes. Our engineering mindset and focus on diagnostics means increased repair quality and less repeated failure of your equipment.


Our highly skilled technicians have the experience and technical knowledge to perform every parts repair at the highest quality
ACS knows that miners must keep their equipment running with minimal downtime, so quick turnaround and quality component level repair are essential. We have experience repairing thousands of miners and are IPC® 7711C/7721C certified for Rework, Modification, and Repair of Electronic Assemblies. We are certified and appointed trainers for the Antminer® Training Academy. ACS is an official Authorized Warranty Service Provider for MicroBT®.

Field Service

Operations and maintenance technician assistance when and where you need it
From filling your skills gap to cultivating continuous improvement, ACS brings more than staffing labor to the table. We augment your workforce by providing on-site supplemental mining maintenance support and process improvement, ensuring your mine remains efficient and your equipment problems are solved quickly.

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