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Fill out our request a quote form and tell us about your equipment. We typically respond within 1 hour during normal business hours.
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We will call you to review the quote and answer your questions about our services. If you approve the quote we will send our service agreement for you to digitally sign via Docusign.

Inbound Shipping

Full service packaging
We offer packaging, shipping, and handling as a service in the continental United States. An ACS field representative will come on-site to prepare your shipment with ESD-safe shipping material that we provide.
DIY packaging
If you want to package your own equipment we will email you our packaging best practices guide and links to preferred packaging materials
Schedule freight pick up
Our in-house logistics team will coordinate with you to get freight quotes and schedule pickup at your facility.

Receiving & Processing

Delivery inspection
All deliveries are inspected for signs of damage during shipment before we take custody of equipment. We will contact you before accepting delivery if there appears to be any damage from shipping.
Asset tagging
A unique QR code and Asset ID will be applied to each of your ASIC miners. We will scan each machine into our system and update the status to 'Received'. You can check the status of your equipment by logging in to your account.
Disassembly & cleaning
We disassemble each machine and clean the hash boards with compressed air. The boards are each asset tagged and associated with the machine they arrived with.

Diagnostic Testing

Visual inspection
We visually inspect each hashboard for damage to the components and areas of the board that are most commonly damaged. Any components that are visually damaged will be noted in the repair ticket.
Chip detection test
We test each hashboard to determine how many chips are found and if any are defective. Results are recorded in the repair ticket for you to review. If the board has 0 ASICS found it will be escalated to level 2 diagnosis.
Initial power test
We test the primary and secondary power circuits to ensure correct voltages are flowing through the entire circuit.

Hashboard Repair

Chip measurement
Prior to chip removal we measure the diode resistance values for each chip and record the results in the repair ticket. Additionally, we measure and record the signal transmission circuit voltages. This step is often skipped by other repair centers because it is time consuming but this step helps detect parts that will be faulty in the near future. Our propreitary measurement process allows us to achieve higher quality repairs and lower recurring defects.
Chip reflow
For chips that do not pass our measurement process we remove the heatsinks and inspect the chip and associated PCB landings for soldering defects. We clean and attempt to reflow chips before attempting replacement in order to save you time and money due to chip shortages.
Chip rework
If chip reflow is not successful we replace defective chips using new chips or we can harvest chips from your other boards to save you money.
EEPROM flashing
We flash the EEPROM of each board to restore it to the original factory condition.
PIC flashing
We flash the PIC chip of each board to restore it to original OEM stock firmware. If you would like us to flash a different custom firmware please contact us in advance.
We are experienced with microsoldering and are located minutes away from Mouser Electronics, one of the largest distributor of components online. We are IPC-7711C/7721C Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies certified. Every technician that works for us is required to maintain this certification.

Quality Assurance Testing

Proprietary Test Fixture
We test repaired boards with our own propreitary test fixture that we developed based on our experience with test fixtures from Bitmain and other testing equipment.
Field hash test
Each hashboard is tested for a minimum of 4 hours and hashrates are recorded in the repair ticket. Our tests are in a machine with original control board not just a test jig.

Return Shipping to Customer

When we prepare your equipment for return shipment we will package the hashboards and control board bundled in ESD-safe material. The bundle represents the actual unit that was field tested at our facility. We will ship the fans, power supplies, and shells assembled as one unit. You will need to insert your hashboards and control boards into the shell when you receive the units. This is to ensure the hashboards are not damaged in transit.

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