Frequently asked questions

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What geographic areas do you serve?
Currently Advanced Crypto Services is serving the United States only with our home base in Dallas, TX.
Can you fix my miner?
While we can fix a fair amount of problems, there are some we cannot fix. These include visibly burnt PCBs or any damage related to fire, significant damage to the chip pad, entire traces that are missing due to burning or other damage. Additionally, some repairs are going to be more costly than others, so please refer to our pricing for repair pricing details.
How do my miners get to your repair facility?
You have two options: 1) You can arrange the delivery of your miners through LTL and FTL service providers nationwide. 2) We can provide a white glove service and facilitate the shipping of your equipment to our facility for a premium charge.
What happens if you cannot fix my miner?
We will promptly send any unrepairable units back to you after notifying you of its unrepairable status.
How long does it take to fix my mining equipment?
Advanced Crypto Services can process around 500 units per month. However, if you need a faster processing time, please contact us and we can discuss establishing a dedicated team and line to handle your equipment alone.
Do you offer a warranty?
While we do not typically offer a warranty, we are open to negotiations if you are able to clear some substantial obstacles such as the cleanliness of your facility, guarantees that equipment will not be using aftermarket firmware, and the general experience of the team managing the equipment on a day-to-day basis.

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+1 (214) 225-4739

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